It's no secret that planning a wedding is expensive. My husband and I got married on a really tight budget, and looking back now, I think I believed the lie that our wedding day wasn't worthy of the honest storytelling I wanted to invest in. I say this from the bottom of my heart: your story is worth being told.

My Grandma Chris

Imagine, for a moment, that you could watch your great-grandparents' wedding day. Now imagine your own children or grandchildren watching your wedding day. To get to see the faces of loved onestheir eyes, their laughter, their tearsis a priceless treasure. After the magic of your wedding day has passed, these are the raw, real moments you will yearn to carry with you. I firmly believe that choosing to invest in quality documentation of your story will be one of the most important decisions you make for your wedding day.




5-7 minute creative film, a full day of coverage (up to 10 hours), 1 Minute Social Media Teaser, and Documentary Edit.

5-7 minute creative film and up to 9 hours of coverage.

3-4 minute creative film and up to 7 hours of coverage.

This might be the right fit for you if...

You want a short (but sweet!) highlight of how your wedding day felt. A film that feels a bit like your own personal music video.

This might be the right fit for you if...

You're looking for more of a documentary-style film of your entire day, including moments outside of your wedding day that complete your story.

This might be the right fit for you if...

You want to cherish the more intimate details of the day. Things like getting ready together, dancing with grandma, letter readings, or a first look.

wedding packages begin at $3,000


Imagine being able to snuggle up with a bowl of popcorn and watch a feature film of your entire wedding day. A "Doc Edit" is exactly that! You will be able to see every moment I capture throughout your day in a narrative style edit that typically ends up being around 30-40 minutes long. (Depending on the length of the day.)

Shot prior to the wedding day, this option is catered to the vision of the couple. It could be time spent with the two of you on the beach at sunset, picnicking at a park, or cozying up at home...etc. Some couples like to capture time with family and friends at their rehearsal dinner. Let's get creative with it! Footage will be included in the wedding film.